Grow Your Youtube Channel Audience With Giveaway From Borneo


What is the Borneo Schematics On Youtube program?

This program is where we offer your YouTube channel to grow by giving your video viewers a giveaway supported by Borneo Schematics.

What rewards does Borneo Schematics offer for viewers of your YouTube channel?

For starters, we can provide you with 20 to 30 Borneo Schematics license codes. If your channel grows with Borneo videos, we can provide more than that.  For some YouTube channels with a large number of subscribers. We may consider giving more

As a gift, we give you a 1-month borneo license code to raffle off to your subscribers. An active YouTube channel with a medium number of subscribers, we provide 20 - 30 license codes for free.

Terms and conditions of this program

1. You have an active YouTube channel with niche smartphone repair, GSM repair, electronic, Laptop repair

2. Create one video content about borneo, it can be a tutorial on using borneo schematics, review borneo apps, troubleshooting repair using borneo.

3. The video must be a new video, because in the video you will inform about the giveaway from you to the audience

4. It is mandatory to include our program logo in your video. the position can be on the top left or bottom right. anywhere you like The logo file can be found herehttps://bit.ly/3K56v10 

5. Once you have created a video and uploaded it on YouTube. Contact our admin +6281324963719 (whatsapp) to request a license code.

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