Borneo Schematics Username Password Recovery


If you have forgotten your borneo schematics account Username or Password. The method below can be used to get your account back

Tutorial on Getting Your Username and Password Back

follow the picture instructions below 

What if I forget the e-mail I used when registering, so I can't recover my data? 

Some users use email carelessly when registering. Even though this e-mail is very important for the system to send your login data if you want to recover your username password. 
What should I do if I don't even know my e-mail? 
Contact the support team, prepare supporting data. ie:
1) Proof of purchase
2) Proof of chat with seller 
3) Registered cellphone number 
4) E-mail that you remember ( For this case, many users write incorrectly ) 
With the evidence above, the support team helps check your data first, some cases take longer to complete this report. 

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