Easy For Newbie ! How To Understanding Schematics In Mobile Repairing

This video explains how easy it is to use Borneo Schematics, and how to understand the schematic for beginners.

Borneo Schematics for Newbie technician and Expert

In mobile phone repair work, you must use schematics to read electronic diagrams and circuits for the model of mobile phone you are repairing. Many technicians still struggle to understand how to understand schematics. By using Borneo Schematics, reading schematics is easier to do, because the interface on Borneo is very simple.

How Borneo Schematics works ?

In the video below you can see how easy it is to use Borneo Schematics, in the video an example of a repair case on an iphone damage and how you use Borneo Schematics.

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